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Great directors trying on musical hats!
This special section will capture their unique characteristics and fascinations.

Finian's Rainbow

Director.Francis Ford Coppola
1968 | 144min | USA | Color | G

Francis Ford Coppola’s first Hollywood feature film. It was also the last major film to star Fred Astaire, a legend in the era of classic Hollywood studio musicals.

Fiddler on the Roof

Director.Norman Jewison
1971 | 179min | USA | Color | G

An epic family saga set in pre-revolutionary Russia. <Fiddler on the Roof> is a story about a father trying to maintain tradition and his daughters who wish to marry for love.

The Boy Friend

Director.Ken Russell
1971 | 136min | UK, USA | Color | 12

Twiggy, a 1960’s pop culture icon, made a successful entry into the musical world. A cinematic fantasy by maverick director Ken Russell(<Tommy>).

Victor Victoria

Director.Blake Edwards
1982 | 134min | UK, USA | Color | 15

A gender-bending comedy from the 1980’s with a superb performance by Julie Andrews, who transforms herself from Victoria, an unknown singer, into Victor, a star in a Parisian night life.

Little Shop of Horrors

Director.Frank Oz
1986 | 104min | USA | Color | 15

Save the world from Audrey II, the blood-sucking plant! A synergy between the sensibility of a B-movie and a rock-and-roll musical.


Director.Alan Parker
1996 | 135min | USA | Color | 12

“Don't cry for me, Argentina.” <Evita>, the Hollywood version of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's musical of the same name, chronicles the life and times of Eva Perón.

Dancer in the Dark

Director.Lars von Trier
2000 | 139min | Denmark | Color | 12

The sensational encounter between director Lars von Trier and singer-songwriter Björk. First time shown on a big screen since its initial release in 2000.

The Happiness of the Katakuris

Director.Takashi Miike
2001 | 113min | Japan | Color | R

Kim Jee-woon's <The Quiet Family> is reborn as <The Happiness of the Katakuris> through the grotesque imagination and unconventional style of director Miiake Takashi.