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A showcase of the latest musical and performing arts films from all around the world


Director.Éric Summer, Éric Warin
2016 | 89min | France, Canada | Color | G

A tale of growing up, friendship and love set in the 19th century Paris. <Ballerina> is an animation feature film realized with the participation of Paris Opera Ballet stars.


Director.Lee Unkrich
2017 | 127min | USA | Color | G

The latest musical film from animation powerhouse Pixar Studios, <Coco> follows the adventure of a young Mexican boy as he enters into the world of the dead.

Saturday Church

Director.Damon Cardasis
2017 | 83min | USA | Color | 15

The coming-of-age story of a boy searching for his true identity. <Saturday Church> is a beautiful musical film about friendship, solidarity and the belief in the miracle of love.

Hello Again

Director.Tom Gustafson
2017 | 105min | USA | Color | R

<Hello Again> features 10 erotic tales that unfold one after another. A feast of musical performances that transcend time and space.

Electric Heart

Director.Benjamin Mattingly
2017 | 73min | USA | Color | 15

<Electric Heart> is a road “trip” movie that takes the audience from a party to a festival, while combining the style of silent film and EDM soundtracks.

I’m Fine

Director.Lee Daminne
2018 | 17min | Korea | Color | 12

Although they love each other, Hwa-yang and Yeon-hwa are two very different people.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Director.Choi Chan
2017 | 25min | Korea | Color | G

A story of what happens when a man who awaits his dream while looking at the night sky meets a woman who came from the stars in search of love

All About Romance

Director.Jeong Yu An
2016 | 14min | Korea | Color | G

A-ri wants to find the most beautiful moonbeam in the world. Dal wants to fall in love.