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A selection of restored and rediscovered musical film classics

Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary

Director.Nick Morris
2010 | 170min | UK | Color | G

From the grand intro to the touching final number, all of the live performances in the 25th anniversary concert for the musical 『Les Misérables』 can be experienced in total.

Mary Poppins

Director.Robert Stevenson
1964 | 139min | USA | Color | G

The greatest family musical ever made by Disney, <Mary Poppins> combines live-action and animation scenes to create unforgettable effects.

Saturday Night Fever

Director.John Badham
1977 | 118min | USA | Color | R

With John Travolta’s dance and Bee Gees’ songs, <Saturday Night Fever> launched the 1970’s disco craze into its dazzling orbit.


Director.Adrian Lyne
1983 | 97min | USA | Color | R

From break dancing to MTV-style choreography, <Flashdance> encapsulates the essential sensibilities of 1980’s pop culture and becomes a landmark in itself.


Director.Herbert Ross
1984 | 110min | USA | Color | 12

With brilliant direction by choreographer-turned-director Herbert Ross, <Footloose> captures the rebellious energy of teenagers led by young Kevin Bacon.

Dirty Dancing

Director.Emile Ardolino
1987 | 110min | USA | Color | 15

“Now I’ve had the time of my life… No, I never felt like this before.” In remembrance of the great dancing hero, Patrick Swayze.

Stop Making Sense

Director.Jonathan Demme
1984 | 88min | USA | Color | 15

A collaboration between David Byrne of the Talking Heads and director Jonathan Demme. The greatest concert movie ever made, still claimed by many fans and admirers.